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1. Back on Track Debtor Guides


 Backontrack_Debt_cover_2022  Backontrack_DRN_cover_2022  Backontrack_DSA_cover_2022  Backontrack_PIA_cover_2022

Back on Track 
Dealing with Problem
 Debt 2022

Back on Track 
DRN Guide 2022

Back on Track 
DSA Guide 2022

Back on Track 
PIA Guide 2022

 Backontrack_PIP_ cover _2022




Back on Track 
Debtors Guide to the 
role of a PIP 2022

Back on Track 
Information about 
Bankruptcy Guide 

Back on Track 
after you are made 
Bankrupt 2022

Back on Track Trifold 2022



2. Detailed Guides


 DRN_Cover  DSA_Cover  PIA Cover  Bankruptcy_Cover_2016
Detailed Guide
 to DRN
 August 2021
Detailed Guide
to DSA
March 2016

Detailed Guide
to PIA
July 2016

Detailed Debtors Guide 
to Bankruptcy - revised 
June 2016

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3. Other Publications


 Debtor Testimonials Cover  ISI Case Studies Cover  ISI Case Studies Cover  RLE_Guildeines_April _2022  Abhaile Cover Page PNG

Debtor Testimonials

ISI Case Studies ISI Case Studies PIA 2016

RLE Guidelines April 2022

'Abhaile' - Mortgage 
Resolution Service Booklet

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4. Debt Solution Scenarios

 Cover for DRN Scenarios

 Cover for DSA Scenarios  Bankruptcy Scenarios 2016  
DRN Scenarios 
reissued January 2018
DSA Scenario
June 2013

Bankruptcy Scenarios 2016



 Cover for DRN step by step guide


 Cover for DSA step by step guide


 Image of the front of the notes for bankruptcy forms


DRN step by step example

DSA step by step example Notes on how to fill out the form for Bankruptcy


PIA Scenarios

           Cover for PIA step by step guide                                                           Cover for PIA step by step guide                                                                                    Cover for PIA step by step guide                                                                                                                                      

  PIA Scenario 1 to 5 Various up to June 2013    PIA scenario 6 - Split Mortgage Aug 2013     PIA scenario 7 Contingent liabilities - Feb 2014   



  Cover for PIA step by step guide                                                                              Cover for PIA step by step guide                                                                               Cover for PIA step by step guide

    PIA scenario 8 Relationship breakdown - Feb 2014   PIA comparison with Bankruptcy Scenario 9 & 10       PIA step by step example Aug 2013


New Sample PIA

The ISI drafted the below sample PIA and in August 2013 put it out for public consultation so as to offer stakeholders the opportunity to review it and highlight any changes or additions to the draft they considered would contribute to the smooth introduction of the new debt reliefs provided by under the Act.  As a result of the consultation, the ISI has made changes to the draft and now publishes a sample PIA which shows possible content and structure of a PIA based on a specific scenario (link to scenario three on page 15).

The example sets out a sample layout and content for a PIA and is not intended to be binding.  The terms and conditions will change according to the circumstances of a particular case.  A personal insolvency practitioner ("PIP") is responsible for formulating a PIA and may use a different layout and text, as he or she considers appropriate to any individual insolvency case to which he or she may be appointed, subject to, and in accordance with, the requirements of the Act.


PIA explanatory document

Sample PIA


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