Notes on filling out forms for bankruptcy

Below are notes on the completion of bankruptcy forms for debtors who wish to have themselves adjudicated bankrupt.

These notes have been produced by the ISI and are intended for interested insolvent debtors in relation to the form filling process involved in seeking to be adjudicated bankrupt. 

   Image of the front of the notes for bankruptcy forms Notes on how to fill out the forms for Bankruptcy


Investment Policy Details updated


Bank account details for the Official Assignee

Name & Address of Bank: Bank of Ireland, College Green, Dublin 2

NSC:                      900017

A/C No:                 83546518
IBAN:                     IE20 BOFI 9000 1783 5465 18

BIC:                       BOFIIE2D

Account Name: Official Assignee in Bankruptcy Holding a/c                                                                         

Reference for Petition Fee Payments: (Please include a reference description for identification purposes i.e. debtor's Name)

You should email the Bankruptcy Division at to confirm your lodgement and attach a scanned copy bank lodgement confirming your payment. We will then forward a receipt to you by email. You must produce this email receipt when issuing the petition at the Office of the Examiner of the High Court

Reference for all other Payments: Please include our unique reference for identification purposes i.e. Bankruptcy Case Reference Number e.g. B0200