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Update to the Reasonable Living Expenses Guidelines

  • The ISI last published the Guidelines on a Reasonable Standard of Living and Reasonable Living Expenses in July 2015.


  • The ISI has revised the guidelines effective from 29th of July 2016:


  • The €5 increase in child benefit introduced in the last budget is to be reflected. This will lead to a net decrease in the reasonable living expenses for each child of €5 per month1.


  • The ISI intends to hold a consultation process in advance of its next annual update.  The consultation will involve debtor, creditor and industry stakeholders many of whom were consulted when the initial guidelines were developed.  This consultation process will allow for a comprehensive analysis of the RLE constituent elements.


  •  An online calculator is available on the Back on Track website for debtors to calculate their own RLEs:



1 Under the section 23 guidelines on a Reasonable Standard of Living and Reasonable Living Expenses, child benefit has already been deducted from living expenses of a child.  This is done on the basis that child benefit payments are intended to be spent on a child.  Failure to disregard child benefit payments from income of the debtor when preparing a proposal will effectively result in overstating the amount the debtor has available from which to make payments to creditors; the debtor will appear to have income despite the fact that this money has already been factored into the calculations of the expenses per child