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Section 47 of the Personal Insolvency Act 2012 provides for the authorisation of approved intermediaries by the Insolvency Service of Ireland and can be found on this site under Legislation.

Section 161 of the Act provides that the Insolvency Service may make regulations for the purposes of the control and supervision of personal insolvency practitioners and can be found on this site under Legislation.

Section 173 of the Act provides for the making of regulations in relation to such matters as bank accounts, accounting records and other financial matters of personal insolvency practitioners.  Regulations covering Section 173 can be found on this site under Legislation.

The ISI intend publishing additional Regulations over the coming months. 


As part of the implementation process, the ISI has been working with a number of colleges and professional bodies to ensure that courses are in place to accommodate applicants wishing to become Practitioners.

Interested bodies who wish to provide a Personal Insolvency Practitioner course, should contact the ISI Regulation Team at 0761064234 or