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What are your main duties and obligations?

Your main duties and obligations are;

  • You are under an obligation to act in good faith in your dealings with the PIP and make a full disclosure to the PIP of all your assets, income and liabilities and any circumstances that may have a bearing on your application.
  • You have a duty to comply with any reasonable request from your PIP to provide assistance, documents and any information deemed necessary including debt, employment, business, social welfare or other financial records.
  • You must inform the PIP if your circumstances change during the lifetime of the arrangement which affects your ability to make repayments under the PIA.
  • You have a duty not to obtain credit either on your own or with any other person for an amount of more than €650 from any person, without informing that person you are subject to a PIA.
  • You have a duty not to transfer, lease, grant security over, or otherwise dispose of any interest in property above a prescribed value other than in accordance with the PIA.
  • You have a duty to inform the PIP if you become aware of any inaccuracy or omission in your application.
  • You have a duty not to pay to creditors any additional payments separate to the PIA in respect of debts covered in the PIA.