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This section contains all press releases and speeches which have been published by the Insolvency Service.

Press Releases

The Insolvency Service of Ireland issues its Q1 statistical report for 2017 and analysis of PIAs


This section contains the latest speeches issued by the Insolvency Service.


For all media related matters please email and a member of the Insolvency Service Communications Team will respond to you.


This section is intended to provide an overview of various statistics, including Information Line usage and the number of authorised practitioners.

Application Numbers / Case Details

Quarterly statistics of the number and type of applications which are being processed will appear here.


ISI Statistics 2017 Quarter 1 (PDF size 852KB)    Adobe PDF

ISI Statistics 2016 Quarter 4 (PDF size 916KB)    Adobe PDF

ISI Statistics 2016 Quarter 3 (PDF size 1,135KB) Adobe PDF

ISI Statistics 2016 Quarter 2 (PDF size 1,112KB) Adobe PDF

ISI Statistics 2016 Quarter 1(PDF size 1,119KB)  Adobe PDF



Authorisations by the ISI (last updated on 23/06/2017)

Please check the appropriate register as they contain the most up to date information.

Number of Personal Insolvency Practitioners 109
Number of Approved Intermediaries 53

2016 Traffic into the ISI up to the end of November. (last updated 06/12/2016)

Telephone and Email Contacts
Telephone Calls 41,475
Emails 15,218
Number of visits 138,605
Page views 1,286,987
Downloads (PDFs etc) 6,830
Top downloads
  1. Bankruptcy Scenarios (Jan 2015)
  2. Notes on how to fill out the form for Bankruptcy
  3. ISI Statistics 2015 Quarter 4
  4. ISI Opening Statement to Oireachtas Committee 17 May 2016
  5. Back on Track PIA Guide
Average visit duration 5 min 10 secs.
Top pages visited
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  1. Register of Protective Certificates
  2. Register of Personal Insolvency Arrangements
  3. Register of Debt Settlement Arrangements
  4. Register of Debt Relief Notices
  5. Registers