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How to seek a DRN and who will deal with your case?

You can only seek a DRN via an AI who will act on your behalf during the application process.

Register of Approved Intermediaries is found here.

The AI will talk to you about your financial situation and eligibility and how a DRN is likely to affect you if you are granted one. In order to be considered for a DRN you will need to give full and accurate details of your financial situation, setting out details of all of your debts, assets, liabilities, income, etc. While this may seem overwhelming, you should bear in mind that the purpose of a DRN is to help you recover from your financial difficulties and the role of the AI is to help you to make the process as straightforward as possible.

If you decide to proceed with an application for a DRN, you will be required to give written consent for the ISI to access your personal data.

There is no cost for a DRN, AIs cannot charge a fee for their advice and assistance with the application. There is no application fee as the ISI has waived its application fees.