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Bankruptcy Notices of Adjudications

A list of bankruptcy notices of adjudication are set out below.


  14/06/2017 4166 29/05/2017 Jihan Shabani Notice Jihan Shabani   Adobe PDF
  14/06/2017 4165 29/05/2017 Trudy O Byrne Notice Trudy O Byrne   Adobe PDF
  21/06/2017 4164 29/05/2017 Patrick McDonald Notice of Patrick McDonald   Adobe PDF
  27/06/2017 4173 19/06/2017 Robert Stapleton Notice Robert Stapleton   Adobe PDF
  27/06/2017 4176 19/06/2017 Louise Lambert Notice Louise Lambert   Adobe PDF
  27/06/2017 4179 19/06/2017 Darren Lowry Notice Darren Lowry   Adobe PDF
  27/06/2017 4174 19/06/2017 Carmel Baker Notice Carmel Baker   Adobe PDF
  27/06/2017 4172 19/06/2017 Anton A Wijesinghe Notice Anton A Wijesinghe   Adobe PDF