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Bankruptcy Notices of Adjudications

A list of bankruptcy notices of adjudication are set out below.


  12/04/2017 4088 27/03/2017 Anthony Walsh Notice Anthony Walsh   Adobe PDF
  12/04/2017 4102 03/04/2017 Noel Enright Notice Noel Enright   Adobe PDF
  12/04/2017 4085 27/03/2017 Michael Shane Collins Notice Michael Shane Collins   Adobe PDF
  12/04/2017 4084 27/03/2017 Imelda Collins Notice Imelda Collins   Adobe PDF
  20/04/2017 4097 03/04/2017 Fergal Reilly Notice Fergal Reilly   Adobe PDF
  20/04/2017 4089 27/03/2017 David Curran Notice David Curran   Adobe PDF
  20/04/2017 4105 03/04/2017 Alan Kershaw Notice Alan Kershaw   Adobe PDF