Treatment of PPR and other Secured Creditors

              Payment History of the Debtor

              Court of Appeal – PC Protection Period

              Amendment of Orginating Notice of Motion

              Repayment capacity, special circumstances cost, length of arrangement and role of PIP

              Identity of Principal Private Residence (“PPR”)


Section 134 of the Act provides for the giving of notices between parties, and the methods through which such notices may be given and received. In particular, it provides that where notices are given by electronic means, agreement must have been made in advance by the person giving and the person receiving such notice. In July 2014, the ISI invited Approved Intermediaries, Personal Insolvency Practitioners and creditors to sign an Electronic Communications Agreement that provided for the electronic exchange of information with and between all the relevant parties to the agreement. Taking into account the reality that most exchanges are carried out electronically, the ISI would ask that all Approved Intermediaries, Personal Insolvency Practitioners and creditors not already signed up to the agreement might do so as soon as possible. Any queries should be directed to ISI’s Policy Team at PDF of Electronic Communications Agreement form is located here. A copy of the Electronic Communications Register is available here.