Documents needed for bankruptcy

Below are notes on the completion of bankruptcy forms for debtors who wish to have themselves adjudicated bankrupt. These notes have been produced by the ISI and are intended for interested insolvent debtors in relation to the form filling process involved in seeking to be adjudicated bankrupt. 

Notes on how to fill out the forms for Bankruptcy   15X15


The following are the relevant forms which will open at the bottom of your screen:

ST01 Statement of Personal Information 2016  MSWORD

Form 13 and affidavit - Petition by a debtor to be adjudicated a bankrupt

No 23 Summary of Statement of Affairs    MSWORD *Please note that there is an electronic version of form No. 23 Statement of Affairs available on the Courts Service website which can be filled in electronically.

No 15 Order of Adjudication   MSWORD

No 19 Notice of adjudication   MSWORD

No 46 Warrant of Seizure Section 27 Bankruptcy Act 1988  MSWORD


The above documents are also available from the Courts Service website at under the category, Rules of the Superior Courts (Bankruptcy) 2013, Appendix O

Form Numbers 13 and 23 will initially be required for completion together with form numbers 15,19 and 46 additionally when submitting an application to the Examiner's Office$FILE/Statement of Affairs - December 2013.pdf